With the acknowledged risk that I am way too deep on my way to hipsterism, I finally took a plunge and got myself a safety razor. I’ve mostly used some Gilettes that I got back in the day, and the cartridges started to seem wasteful. Not only do they cost quite some (which really isn’t an issue for me), they also come in small packages and the razors themselves change here and there, making them incompatible.

Thus, after reading some online reviews for quite some time and dealing with my anxiety about potentially cutting myself, I ended up with an Edwin Jagger double edge safety razor and a pack of 100 blades from various brands.

Interestingly enough, I’ve yet to cut myself, so there goes number one fear I had about these. The shaving experience doesn’t really differ from a “normal” razor all that much in the end – I am just slower doing so. At least for the time being.

Overall, I am hoping this is one more thing that does not ever need replacing. Certainly there are finer razors available, and one certainly needs more blades, but from what I figure, this should be sufficient for me for the rest of my life.

I hope Dieter Rams would be pleased.