I was hoping to go fetch the backpack from them, but alas, they just sent it over. Well, at least I tried to be good for the environment.

Less, but better. That philosophy by Dieter Rams has impacted me quite some, and I’d rather try to apply that to everyday items as well. I dislike buying new things all the time and would instead prefer to buy things just once. Easier said than done, but after finding out about Pack Animal, a local bag maker here in Seattle, I figured that I could pay a bit more for a backpack instead of getting more practically disposable ones from Amazon.

Wax papered packing.
Wax paper packaging does stand out from the norm.

The bag was made by hand by the local people, and the manufacturing started when ordered. I’ve been now using this for several weeks and thus gained some experiences.

Little cards came along, nicely motorcycling themed just like their website.

This is definitely motorcycling branded item, but there is no reason why it needs to be. The fabric is thick – this thing stands alone on the floor without anything inside it. At first I assumed it was stuffed full of paper given how it retained its shape, but no. None was needed.

No, there’s nothing inside to keep the shape!

The zippers feel heavy duty, and they tend to scratch the backs of my hands here and there. The pockets are also stiff, making the previous happen more often than with some other bags. While inconvenient, I rather prefer the feel of it compared to overly soft bags. Not that getting scratches is nice, I just hope it means these last longer.

Overall, this feels solid. It’s not waterproof, given the roll-top, but in practice little rain seems to get in. Let’s see if it lasts at least a decade like my camera bag has managed.

Pack Animal