I am somewhat surprised that I even have to write this short blurb to this blog. But it turns out that I’ve seen this mistake happen so often that I am better off writing it down.

When you delegate work to a team of people, always, always name a person who is responsible for doing it. The point is not even to select the perfect person for the task, but to make the work happen in the first place.

The problem is that if no one is named to do a job, one or more of the following things can happen way easier:

  • Nobody does anything since they assume someone else will do the task
  • Task doesn’t get done since people can not come to an agreement on how/what they should do
  • There will be in-fighting since too many people want to lead – a common case among designers and other strong willed people

A prime example of this is when discussing action points after a meeting. It’s too easy to not name the people who are expected to contribute, and as a result, I am sure we have all seen what happens.